Little John's School of Archery

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We have moved inside for the winter Granby bow&gun has allowed us the use of the indoor range  which I thing is very king of them.So the cost for lessons are $65.00 dollars a month  per person .Lesson time is Saturday from 11am to 12pm all ages welcome to come and have fun with Little John. Any questions or concerns please contact me at #413/575/5632 or shoot me a Email.

USA JOAD & Adult archery  archery program

To give you some background on myself, John, I got involved in archery about 30 years ago with a man called Ron Davis. Ron took the time to show me the sport of archery.
For more then 8 years, Ron worked with me to make me the archer I am now.
I am a Massachusetts tournament shooter and shoot all over the USA archery and NFAA spot shoots. I have came to a time in my life like Ron did where it's time for me to give back to archery and guide new archers to grow in this sport like I have done.

My school is at 135 River Rd. in South Hadley, MA 01075. The club is funding two new archery ranges for my school in the spring of 2014 one 20 yard and the other a 60 yard walk up range and I can't wait. We will be a NFAA archery club member that will be having lessons and spot shoots, league, turkey shoots, coon shots and poker shoots through the spring, summer and fall
      In this  year 2016 we are a USA Archery club we are Joad and adult archery.

Lessons are $140 for 5 classes, 1.5hrs

Classes of all ages for recurve & compound bows, ten steps of shooting, stance, nocking, setup, draw / load, anchor, transfer / hold, aim-expand, release, follow-through

Head archery Instuctor NTS level 3 coaching certificate

All my instructors are USA & NFAA archery certified

Our goal is to have fun and be safe!!!